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/Medical Articles

NiTi Polishing

NiTiNOL is a nickel titanium alloy which has remarkable 'shape memory' or 'super-elastic' characteristics, i.e. once a shape is set it will return to the original shape , or maintain it's original shape after an initial deformation. This unique property provides many opportunities and end applications for this alloy, especially in the medical device industry.


Razor-Edged™ Cutters

Offering a huge selection of custom made metal punches, cutters and trephines to suit a wide variety of biomedical applications. Ultra sharp edges on stainless steel, platinum, platinum-iridium, and many other metals are used throughout the medical device industry as components and sub-components.


Burr-Free Cutting

Information on burr-free cutting of small diameter wire and tubing. Square burr-free cuts are our specialty. We also offer custom angle-cut ends, vibratory and "Z" axis tumbling, passivation, straightening and surface texturing.