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Better Way to Fix Bones

By: Michael J. Walter Medical Alloy Specialist Carpenter Technology Corp., Reading Pa. An essentially nickel-free stainless alloy has shown higher levels of strength with fatigue and corrosion resistance making it an alternative alloy for biomedical implants and medical devices. Recent tests on a new, essentially nickel-free stainless alloy, BioDur 108 (ASTM F2229-02), have shown it [...]


Stainless Steels for Tubular Components

By: Robert S. Brown RSB Alloy Applications Leesport, PA (USA) William Fender VERIDIAM San Diego, CA (USA) New Demands on Surgical Instruments: Biocompatibility Continuing advances in surgical techniques are requiring more instruments that use metal tubular components. The design requirements for these instruments are becoming ever more demanding as the procedures become more complex and [...]


Custom 465® Offers Significant Advantages

As surgical procedures have become more complex and noninvasive, the requirements for instruments have become more demanding. Proper material selection is critical in instrument development. The material properties that must be considered include bio-compatibility, physical and mechanical properties as well as fabricability.