Imagining Tomorrow Today

Veridiam possesses a unique breadth of manufacturing capability which allows us to tackle a vast array of products from millimeter size pacemaker components to meter size aircraft structural components.  As your manufacturing partner, we are continuously upgrading and evolving our manufacturing portfolio as the market dictates.

Core Manufacturing Capabilities

Precision Tooling

Veridiam possess a wide range of machining capability from Swiss Machines to Vertical Mills from Wire EDM to Five-Axis Machining Centers.

We specialize in precision machining of Stainless Steel, Titanium, Inconel and other Nickel based alloys.

Metal Tubes

Veridiam possess a range of cold drawing equipment ranging from 10 tons all the way up to 200 tons.  Veridiam specializes in high tolerance tubes that can range from 0.050 in. to 1.00 inch Diameter and from 0.003 inch to 0.65 wall thickness.  Tubes can be seamless or welded & drawn.

In addition, Veridiam has the ability to cold form materials via rolling, swaging and other forming processes.

Welded Tubing

Veridiam possesses the ability to form and weld thick and thin walled tubing.

Our capability typically ranges from 0.050” to 6.00 diameter tubes and from 0.010 to 1.00 inch wall thickness.

We have the ability to manufacture secondary and primary load bearing tubing.

Component Assembly

Veridiam has the capability to support many types of assembly processes.

We have the capability to support mechanical fastener assembly, welded component assemblies, adhesive based assemblies or the integration of metallic and non-metallic components.