Nuclear Components & Assemblies Manufacturing

Veridiam started supplying critical safety related nuclear core components in 1958 to the very first nuclear reactors built in the world.

For more than 50 years, Veridiam has supplied critical components to BWR, PWR, HWR and breeder reactors at over 60 different nuclear reactor sites in 12 countries.

Major nuclear components manufactured by Veridiam include:

BWR Components

  • Zircaloy fuel channels
  • Zircaloy fuel bundle water rods
  • Control rod blade tubes capsule body tubes and tie rods
  • Control rod drive cylinder tubes
  • Control rod lower tubes
  • Channel fasteners

PWR components

  • RCCA tubes
  • SS tubing for insert tubes, lock tubes, sleeve blanks
  • Spider assembly components

HWR components

  • Zircaloy calandria tubes
  • Zircaloy pressure tubes
  • Hafnium control rod blade tubes

Breeder Reactor Components for FFTF, Phenix, Superphenix, Rhapsodie. Monju, Joyo

  • SS fuel cladding
  • Complete control hexagonal rods

Other Nuclear components:

  • Tritium cladding tubes
  • Plenum tubes
  • Radial blanket tubes
  • Control rod shrouds
  • Electromagnetic pump housing

Veridiam achieved nuclear industry assessment committee membership.